Le Café Bleu Belle Ile en Mer

The charms and cheer of a stopover
on Belle-Ile...

The largest of Brittany’s isles is an open invitation to getaway pleasures. Each piece of land is a discovery, every shore a voyage, from Pointe des Poulains to Aiguilles de Port-Coton.

An excursion around the isle provides just the occasion for an easy-going tour of the main sites with the added delight of a visit to Café Bleu in Sauzon on the “Wild Coast”... the perfect place to combine relaxation, good humour and delectable things to eat, to invite friends and family, to meet and to spawn memories.

Lunch and dinner, fixed-price and à la carte menu selections, group dining, celebrations!

Enjoy a guided coach tour of the isle with
our longstanding partner les Cars Bleus.
Le Café Bleu Belle Ile en MerLe Café Bleu Belle Ile en Mer
Le Café Bleu – Port Bellec – 56360 Sauzon – Belle-Ile-en-Mer – Southern Brittany  |  Phone 02 97 31 56 64  |  Fax 02 97 31 56 65  |  contact@mariage-belle-ile.com
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